Multiple sex partners

Multiple sex partners


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If you are dating someone you like but to whom you cannot fully commit, you must be honest with yourself and about what this woman means to you so that you can open the door to multiple sex partners.

Don’t mislead her

You must explain to her the situation you are in, that you do not want a relationship, just casual dating and so, you can have multiple sex partners without hiding or harming anyone. You should never mislead them into thinking that the two of you are exclusive or that you want something more. If she asks you if you are exclusive, don’t hide and tell her that you are. If she isn’t comfortable with this idea and wants to leave, let her. Never ask for more in a relationship than you can give. Being honest is the best thing for both of you. Moreover, this way, you eliminate a lot of stress in your life.

Having multiple sex partners is a great thing, but if you want to do this, beside honesty, you also have to take other things into consideration:

1. Give her a choice

I will repeat myself. When you are having multiple sex partners, you have to be honest and tell them that you cannot be exclusive but that you still enjoy your time together. You have to be honest in order to give her the choice and chance of meeting someone else if this is not what she wants.

Another important thing to do is to remember the differences between the women you’re with. You don’t want to have a deep conversation with one of them and forget with which woman you’ve shared an important story. Moreover, you don’t want to blurt out a different name during intercourse. You don’t want to be irresponsible and insensitive in your relationships so if you can’t do it, don’t. Always know your limits.

Keep track of each woman

Make sure that what you share with each woman is unique. Keep track of where you are in each relationship. You don’t want to ruin everything because when you are having multiple sexual partners, you usually end up with one of them. As you get to know them, you end up liking one of them more than the others and you begin something exclusive so, keep your stories straight.

As stated before, sleeping with more than one woman at a time is fun but if you can’t handle it, don’t do it. You need to think about your need not about an image you think you should be projecting. If you can do it, make sure you are honest and you spend time with every woman you sleep with and make them feel special. 

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