Nothing in common What can you do

Nothing in common? What can you do?


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A good example of extremes is the story of Tarzan and Jane. Their little common things were based on the lifestyle level, both of them living in the jungle. Apart from that, she was a city girl, a modern woman, while he was the king of the trees and the friend of all animals. Even so, finally they found their way to a good life together.

We can see this metaphor live, in our day to day life, more and more. Men are attracted to fabulous women, ladies with whom it seems that they share no common interest whatsoever. Should you make an effort on getting that apparently unreachable woman? Well if you have at least a sense that she might be the one, go for it!

Culinary preferences

Of course, I’m not asking you to give up your beer and chips in exchange for sushi and alfalfa. There is a line that nobody should cross and that is food preferences. Since the beginning of time food is the center of ethnical and cultural preferences, the point that brings comfort and balance in our lives. But even so, some compromise can lead to a great connection.

Trying a little bit of her preferences for nutritious food, organic and healthy meals not only will put a smile on her face, because she appreciates your effort in adapting to her lifestyle, but will help also you in getting healthier.


She’s the kind of woman who listens to intellectual music like Chopin and Vivaldi, you are the kind of man who enjoys a good piece of dark rock. This is hardcore. If the two of you end up living under the same roof, imagine the chaos.

Still, you could propose to her to let you make a nest of your own in the garage or in the basement, to go there and listen to your mind numbing music and watch your violent sports. She most likely won’t find it as being such a bad idea, since this will allow harmony for the rest of the house. 

But if it goes like this, make sure to not overstep and ignore her, hiding in your cave to listen all day and all night with your sport shows and your loud music. Spend time with her and perhaps you will find a middle way regarding music.


You will say yes to outdoor activities like fishing, camping, golfing, etc. She will smile at art museums, chick flicks, theaters and antique stores. It’s going to be tough at first, when you start dating, because the two of you are supposed to do things together. But if you can get past the beginning and keep it going for the long-term, she might even enjoy a moment of solitude while appreciating an art piece. In the meantime, you can have fun fishing with one of your friends.

Finally, there are the little and rare things that you won’t be able to accept if you really want her to be your woman. The solution to a successful relationship made out of two extremes is compromise, the adapting effort, the concession. Do so and she will accept you in her universe. 

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