One kiss is precious

One kiss is precious


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Men should never take a kiss for granted. One kiss holds a sample of a man’s potential and women are highly sensitive to these signs. A good kiss will open her heart and her body. If this is going to convince you into giving more importance to a kiss, know that a study on kissing revealed that most women decide to sleep with a man based on his kissing abilities. 

Therefore, before going on that first date, read on and find out how to make her remember your lips on hers.

Simple and sexy

Our eyes and our mouth make a great team, what eyes show through their sparkles is mimed by our mouth. If we feel desire, our eyes will shine in that dark and mysterious ways while our mouth gets ready to taste the person we’re interested in.

Kissing shouldn’t be taken for granted but it should be used as a constant sign of love and attraction. Many men make the mistake of rushing a kiss in order to get faster to a higher sensation. In this way, they miss the chance to enjoy a long and passionate kiss which prepares an amazing erotic experience.

The whole secret of a great kisser is that he keeps it simple and sexy. Don’t try to impress her with a Casanova kiss, but let your mouth taste hers in a simple and intimate kiss. Imagine that while you kiss a woman, you take control over her, you open up her soul and body. Kiss her in an elegant manner, not in a hungry and uncontrollable way.

A great kisser means a great lover

This is how women think. For a woman, a kiss is like a sample of your potency, of your love making style.

Don’t forget to caress her body while kissing her. Pay attention to use your hands in the rhythm of the kiss, make her feel surrounded by your desire and love. Surrounded, but not suffocated because she won’t enjoy that.

When you are really comfortable with someone, it’s recommended to expand your kissing area, kiss her cheeks gently, her ears, her chin, her forehead. When a man kisses a woman on the less erogenous areas it’s a sign that he loves and appreciates more than the erotic aspect of her. 

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