Online dating and virtual Assistants

Online dating and virtual Assistants


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The only considerable downside on an online dating site is that it is highly impersonal, and the critics make a good point when saying so even though they sometimes tend to underestimate how impersonal offline dating is too.

In the end, the difference between scrolling through profiles and analyzing the faces of everyone in a crowded bar or club isn’t that big. Even if you find out more things about someone when you meet them in person, you can also acquire some of that knowledge by reading a woman’s profile. Ultimately, online dating or not, the dating game remains the same.

Men take the online dating game a bit further and hire virtual assistants to fill out their dating profiles, compose and send messages to possible matches, and help them out with communication, to the point of setting up dates with the women they contact.

Is this the furthest level of impersonal communication that can be reached in dating? Or is it just another normal and logical follow up to the evolution of dating and technology?


Tim Ferris, a best-selling author has tested through multiple groups of outsourcers around the world the results of their involvement in a number of online dating sites. These experiments allowed more people to set up dates, some resulting in long lasting relationships. Thus, hiring assistants to help you with your online dating profile, with sending messages and setting up dates is not a bad thing. It is a small price to pay for easily meeting and dating women.

Insight on the experiment

Even if this sounds like a dream come true, you need to keep in mind that Ferris set some ground rules for the assistants that he hired. And notably, Ferris did not let them impersonate him, but actually stated that they were his assistants. The point is that it might be actually very good for your dating life to hire assistants, but remember to set some ground rules so that you don’t get hurt.

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