Online dating guide for men Part 1

Online dating guide for men Part 1


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1. The first E-mail

There is a common misconception that women do not read your first e-mail. They only check your profile and decide whether they want to reply or not.

This thing is a misconception, because they do not always have the time to read all the replies and sometimes they will respond based on your e-mail.

The first e-mail is usually the most important one in online dating, but it is hard to make her answer to your e-mail and make it different and more interesting than the rest.

The typical e-mail that most women get sounds something like

Subject: Hi there!

Hi (nickname)! I have read your essay, it seemed really interesting and I would like to get to know you better, Check me out and give me a reply. I’d love to hear from you,


Opposing to this one:

Subject: Something different

She is sitting in front of her PC reading and reading all of those emails from boring guys, who have seemed to write the same dull message and she just deletes them after the first paragraph, unless…

Unless, he’s not like that…and she wants to find out more

She thinks to herself that this guy is interesting as she reads his e-mail: he IS different and then she smiles, he thinks he knows what’s in my head and laughs but something has changed, by now, she wants to reply to him. Voices whisper in her head: reply to him, reply and she realizes that unless she does, she will never know who he really is.

Is he for real? How come is he different? Why is he writing like this? It is weird but I like it…oh, I want to know so many things about this mail…questions and questions and I must reply, I will reply!”



Maybe this seems exaggerated but it is not, you may receive some really enthusiastic replies. If you send this message to girls who can appreciate your humor, or this kind of writing style, it will work like magic.

Do not forget, though, that you are sending her this first e-mail to make her curious and make her write you back. If you also have your essay well-written, you will definitely receive a reply.

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