Online dating guide for men Part 3

Online dating guide for men Part 3


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4. The first phone call

In what concerns the first phone, I believe that there are no more misconceptions, but just to make it clear, when you make the first phone call, your goal is to get closer and why not, maybe even obtain a first date.

Do not call her from the very first day she gives you her number, but do call her after a day or two and do not play the 3 day game because you have never had a date before and you don’t even know if you want or like her. The first phone call should be made during the evening, but not too late. The general accepted time is around 8 o ‘clock pm.

No matter who answers the phone, you should ask to talk to her instead of assuming that it is her the one who answers it, and then introduce yourself (Hi, it is me, nickname), and maintain the conversation in boundaries with small talk, slowly leading it towards the date question. The first date should be casual, like lunch, coffee or drinks after work and in a public place. It is easier for both of you to get out of the date if you do not like it.

If she is not home, and the machine answers it, leave her a message in which you should mention your phone number as well, but you must not call her back if she doesn’t call after your message.  This is a sign of rejection.

5. First date

You will only know for sure if you two stand a chance after you meet her. If you think you do, make your move and try to set up the scenery for a new second date which will be more open. If you really do not want a second date, or you don’t want to have anything to do with her, you will still have to show her a good time at this date, and at the end, tell her that you think that she is nice, but she is not what you are looking for and that you hope that she will find the right man for her.

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