Online dating-more advice for men

Online dating-more advice for men


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After several researches about online dating, and from my own experience, I have gathered some other pieces of advice for men over 40 who want to take up online dating.

1. Women are just as critical as men, if not more, when it comes to photos. If she doesn’t like your photos, it doesn’t matter what else is there on your profile.

2. Try harder. You must spend a lot of time in front of the computer if you want to find someone right for you, because, unless you are really good-looking, you will be rejected many times.

3.  Be proactive and send multiple different messages.

4. You must be organized and create a spreadsheet in which you can write down user names, sent messages, their status: read, unread, answered or not, date, etc.

5. You must man up, because online dating can be brutal. You will be rejected, maybe because it was your fault, maybe theirs, but you will have some help from online coaches.

6. Answers may not come as soon as you expect them to. Women tend to be really busy and may not spend their entire day online.

7. As well as women, give the impression that you are busy too, and don’t send an immediate reply.

8. Do not be too picky. Keep your mind and options open, because you might lose a lot if you don’t, before even starting to send your messages.

9. Even if you are using online dating, do not neglect your real-life social skills. Even if you do not go out on a date, do it at least with your friends. You do need social skills.

10. If you are looking for someone to be with, try to keep it local, especially if you live in a big city. You can limit to less than 10 miles radius, and it should still be plenty of people to choose from.

11. Try to message women whose directions apply to you. It is no point messaging a woman who has specific requirements that you do not match with. You will only waste both hers and your time.

12. Keep in mind that men are the commitment’s gatekeepers!

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