Online dating myths destroyed

Online dating myths destroyed


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Online dating is a hot topic. There are many opinions on what online dating is capable or incapable to do when about finding love. Still, there are also many bad rumors which can make a bad impression to someone who would like to try online dating for the first time. For this reason, here are 5 destroyed myths regarding online dating.

1.       Online dating is a desperate solution for singles

Of course, in the beginning, online dating followed some shaky rules and plans, so everybody could enroll. There were no solutions for spamming and you couldn’t block any unwanted user. Therefore, there were strange and inappropriate users which made finding love online an unattractive option.

Still, this myth is false now, because technology evolved and most online dating sites are with paid memberships, so not just everyone can sing up. Our world becomes more and more technologically focused, so more and more beautiful and successful people opt for online dating in order to find love. Online dating is already mainstream and a successful business and its functioning base ensures a bright future.

2.       Online dating helps you get a phone number easier

As in the in-person interaction, getting a girl’s phone number depends only on your charisma and looks. Still, on online dating sites it’s way more difficult to receive a woman’s phone number since there are another 20 other users who try to get the same thing as you, in just one night.

3.       Multiple dates will make finding love easier

There are many men and women who believe in the chance of quantity. They believe that if they date one person after another they will increase their chances to find the true love in a shorter time. Well, it doesn’t work that way, because when you hurry up to meet 5 people in one week, you get distracted and you don’t let yourself enough time to get to know each person better. For this reason, you might overlook someone and find yourself tired of meeting new people everyday with no conclusion.

4.       Online dating is dangerous

This is simply amusing. As all the other things in this world, online dating is as secure as we make it. It is common sense that you shouldn’t date a stranger in a resorted area, that you should make research on that particular person before agreeing to date in-person.

5.       Online dating women are superficial

Yes, women are interested in their looks and yours. It’s pretty obvious that you should be the same, too. Don’t take it the bad way, but if you are online dating, you have to put your best self out there, so that people can see how great you are. Each user’s profile is a show-off page, it’s a personal resume and that is how online dating is designed to work. Pass over the misconception that if a woman uploads a studio made photo she is just craving for attention. She wants to meet love online, isn’t it obvious that she has to upload a great picture?

If you are online dating or consider doing so, keep in mind that there we’ll always be bads and goods. 

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