Online dating profile tips for men

Online dating profile tips for men


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Think a bit about your settings

It is often due to restrictive settings that people have issues finding matches, give them another thought and think about being more flexible.

Don’t let the fear grab hold of you

The fear of rejection, on online dating sites is caused by someone that you contact and never hear back from, you need to move on and don’t look back or try to understand why she never contacted you, it’s simple, you’ll never know, so stop wasting your precious energy.


For starters you need to know that 40 is now the new 30, so why don’t you try to expand that age limit because you never know if your perfect match is right in that age limit or a year or two older.

Photo variety

Posting just one picture of yourself is actually not enough, women who want to get a general impression of you will need more than just a single photo. For example, if you love cats, then post a photo with one, love your relatives and family, post a photo of them, show more qualities through photos than through writing.

Avoid three word answers

Most men seem to have difficulties when it comes to finding their words, providing short replyes. Taking more time to fill out your profile is a really good thing, you can even ask your sister or a friend to help you figure out what to write in those important descriptions. It is important that you stand out, and honestly share the parts of you that are worthy of discussion, but don’t overdo it.

Be funny

Women love men that have a sense of humor so try it, tell jokes, include quotes from your favorite comedians, use your own humor, whatever you can.

Patience is the key

To find the perfect partener you need to be patient and starting your online dating experience with realistic expectations can help you learn how.

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