Online dating tips and tricks

Online dating tips and tricks


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Online dating can be tricky, as you can make a good impression only with your online dating profile, so, these are 4 tips and tricks that will help you:

1. Choose your screen name wisely. Your nickname must be mature, not arrogant or stupid. Avoid names with a sexual connotation or other types of things that may seem clever too you, but will make women avoid you. Pick one who inspires faith, safety, and confidence. Do not advertise yourself.

Your screen name must also be simple and easy to remember. For instance, you can use names that describe something that you like but try not to seem vulgar or cocky.

2. Use a high-quality shot

You must have photos of yourself on your profile. Their lack may make a woman think that you are not such a good catch. You must have a head shot and a full-body shot, but these must be taken by somebody else. The primary photo is the most important, due to the fact that many people base their decision on it. Also, be sure that all of your photos are accurate and not how you would like to be.

3. Be smart about writing your profile

You do not have to say that you are not a writer, when completing your online profile; just let your personality reveal itself when you are writing your essay. You should be witty and clever. Women are emotional so show off your humor and depict yourself in a different manner than those who use clichés such as: ”I like music and laughter”. Everybody does. Try to stand out!

4. Do not lie

Both men and women tend to lie in their profile in order to impress but this is not ok, because at a first date he/she will realize that you are not as slim/as tall as you said, and you might get dumped for lying.

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