Online dating tips for men

Online dating tips for men


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When it’s about online dating, even if you are a beginner, you have to know that there is more to do than just choose between women, you also have to learn how to attract women. Therefore, you must edit your profile in order to stand out and look interesting. To help you in doing so, I have split the article intro 3 categories: photos, profiles and e-mails.


1: How many photos

Although dating sites may allow you to upload a large number of photos on your profile, you shouldn’t necessarily do it. You are looking for an online date not a Facebook profile, so, you should upload somewhere between 3 or 6 photographs, tops.

As they say that a woman will never be more attractive than her worst pictures, women think the same thing about men’s photographs. That is why you should post only those photos in which you look your best, because women will look for the worst one, and might not e-mail you. Also, make sure that the chosen photos are recent.

2. What type of photos?

As stated before, this is a dating site, so upload photos in which you are alone. Women want to see you, not to compare you with your friends because she already does compare you with other men subscribed on the dating site. Also, avoid scenery photos; again, those are for Facebook. She only wants to see you.

3. Accuracy

You have to post only accurate photos because she will want to date you in person at a certain point, so if you lie, anyone else will seem better than you.

4. Interesting pictures

Among those simple photographs where you stand alone, there should be some “interesting” pictures, because if women like what they see, they will have to start a conversation and an interesting photo might give them the best conversation topic. Among the interesting photos, there might be one with you and your dog, you as a volunteer, etc.



1. Stand out from the crowd

Everyone tends to write things like “I like movies, travelling and laughing”, well most people do. You have to write the most interesting things, such as different classes or places where you have lived, or that you took time off from work to try something else. We want to know the unique things, what makes you be the person that you are.

2. Your intro must draw attention and make women want to read more.

Avoid skepticism or obvious statements. Write something funny, cute or even something that has nothing to do with an intro, something such as “I like extra-salted buttered popcorn when watching a movie”.

3. The appropriate length of your profile essay

Avoid an essay that is too short or too long. The first one won’t tell anything and the second one will only bore her. Read your profile essay again and see if you would like to know more if you were her, or if your essay seems like a novel and you have to delete some unnecessary pieces of information.

4. Questions

Like in all kind of essays, rhetorical questions or plain questions make it more interesting to read and it also makes women want to write to you.


Your correspondence must be short and light and it should always end with a question. Say something about her and something about you as well. The fact that you might not receive an answer doesn’t mean that you have been rejected. As it’s well-known, online dating is a number game. You have to play it until you get the lucky number. Don’t think poorly of a woman if she writes you first, she is proactive. All that matters is to have fun, make friends and maybe find the love of your life!

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