Online dating versus matchmaker

Online dating versus matchmaker


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What should a man choose between when he’s looking for his perfect love, online dating or a matchmaker?

Online dating

Online dating is fun and adventurous, cheap and more accessible. You control who you want to meet and contact. You decide if you want someone close to your location or far away. You can design on your profile, a sketch of a desired potential partner and also describe yourself in the most advantageous way.

Also, online dating is available at all times on your computer or mobile. Everybody uses it so there are a lot of possible partners ready to get to know you.

The downside of online dating is that you have to be patient, persistent on your goals and ready to face some fails, just like in real life.


If you are that type of a person who will hire a headhunter for their career, then a matchmaker will sound good to you. Matchmakers are extremely well connected and capable of finding the most extraordinary potential partners for you, everything for a price, of course.

If you are ready to pay a consistent sum of money in order to find your special half, then go for it. You will have to put no effort and your job is going to consist in just having to say Yes or No.

Getting a love expert will also help you if you have an extremely busy career life, but think about this well. If you are too busy to dedicate time for finding love, how will you maintain a full relationship with someone?

Think about what you wish for and how much time and money you would like to invest for fulfilling your dream. 

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