Online dating vowels

Online dating vows


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1. I will follow and set goals

The power of setting bold and hard numeric goals is amazing.

Even the dietitians will advise you to set your goals on numbers and not on vague phrases such as “I will eat less sugar.” Instead, you could say something like “I will lose 5 kg by August”. These tricks work in online dating as well as they work in keeping diets.

In what regards online dating you could say something like “I will contact 14 persons this week.”, “I will respond to 7 people until the end of the week.” or “I will go out at  least two dates per month.”

Setting goals is meant to motivate you and sometimes almost oblige you to do a certain thing that you might want to postpone in other circumstances.

Still, you have to be reasonable with yourself. Setting goals is not enough to automatically get a beautiful relationship.

2. ‘I will be tolerable”

Online dating is such a facile way to meet a person who fulfills at least 40% of your ideal partner’s characteristics. Still, there are some small but annoying aspects that might become a major turn off when you communicate online with a potential partner.

Bad use of grammar

If she can’t use the form of “they’re, their and there” properly it doesn’t necessarily mean that she can’t be a good potential match. Perhaps she wrote it bad because she was in a hurry. And even if she really doesn’t know how to use grammar in the correct way, she might be more intelligent than you are. Do not underestimate a potential partner when chatting online, you might lose a lot.

Bad appearance

You might find someone very interesting as character and mind, but get disappointed when you see their photos. Bad haircuts, common and boring style or just an unattractive general appearance can be a major turn off when you meet a person online.

However, you must be aware that some people are not so photogenic and in reality they can be really attractive. Also, the hairstyle and the clothing style can change. So you shouldn’t underestimate a person’s looks at least not until you meet them face to face.

The lack of a high match percentage

Don’t make such a big mistake and judge a potential partner only by the match percentage between the two of you. It’s true that online dating sites have a formula which matches your interests with the ones of another user, but it’s not like this formula really knows your characteristics and what type of a person you are.

Actually, you should give it a chance and connect with those with who you have a low match percentage and see how much of the old saying “Two opposites attract each other” is true. Perhaps when you are going to date that woman in person, you will be surprised by the high chemistry between the two of you. 

3. If it doesn’t work out, I will change something about myself

You kept being faithful to online dating sites but there is still no love in your life? Then you have to make some changes.

Get a new haircut, retouch your online dating profile, learn a new musical instrument, post new pictures.

Good luck in finding the love of your life!

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