Online opportunity often missed by men

Online opportunity often missed by men


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The biggest opportunity missed by men when online dating is the idea of getting a woman so interested in them that she will interact constantly with them.

Men can solve this problem by learning how to ask a question in the right way.

Find a good question

The most common mistake made by a man is not knowing how to ask a good question. He can spend hours on his profile, retouching it and remodeling it in the most attractive way, but if the email he sends to a certain woman fails to receive a reply, all that hard work is never noticed.

Your questions have to show a clear interest in getting to know that certain woman. Women are actually overwhelmed by emails with messages such as “Hey, you are so pretty!” or “Hi, how are you?”. These mails are hardly ever noticed and they are most likely deleted even before being opened. 

Just think that if you really want a woman to respond to your questions, you have to give her something real to respond to.

Usually women enjoy talking about themselves

If you want to make a woman talk, read her profile and pick on something she seems really passionate about.

Avoid asking questions which can be answered in just one word. Your aim is to make her talk as much as possible. Ask something that makes her tell you a story or something which you want her to explain to you.

You can easily overpass a man’s biggest challenge which is keeping a woman interested and responsive. Just ask the right questions in the right way and let her talk about her world and her passions. 

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