Online profile tips for men

Online profile tips for men


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Many articles found online show women how to attract the ideal man on their online dating profile, but there are little written for men. Even those that exist are written by other men who might or might not have a good idea of what goes on in a woman’s mind.

I offer you advice on how to compose an online dating profile or how to change yours so you will manage to attract more women and especially that special lady you’ve been looking for.

1.       A complete profile

Most of the online dating sites you find require you to answer various questionnaires to see who the most compatible women with you are. It’s important for you to truthfully answer these questions, if you don’t, you will be paired with only the women who are wrong for you. Also, you have to make sure that you don’t leave any blank spaces, if so women will tend to think that you might have something to hide or that there is something not so great about you.

2.       Don’t lie

You need to be honest about everything, your height, weight, habits, income, everything. You may be lead to think that if you add an extra inch or minus one kilo, it might not be such big of a deal but it’s not recommended when you’re looking for that special someone. Would you like it if a woman you go out on a date with actually had 300 pounds when she told you she had 150? Of course not. No one likes liars and you want to be sure that the person you will be involved in a relationship with is not the one.

3.       Check your spelling

Most women don’t even look twice at men who write their profiles or messages with horrendous grammar and misplaced punctuation. If you write correctly you will prove to women that you are intelligent and literary. Those women who don’t care about grammar probably aren’t so bright, and I suppose that you want someone intelligent and with good taste.

4.       Your photo

You should post about 5 recent photos of you, which put you in your best light. I wouldn’t recommend headshots since women want to see your body, so try full-length shots that make you look and feel good.

Ask a friend to take the photos. Just make sure you don’t post selfies half-naked in the bathroom mirror, us women really enjoy making fun of those guys. It’s lame and you won’t get the attention of the women you’re looking for. Another helpful photo tip is that you take one standing next to something because for most of us, height is really important.

5.       Stand out

If you have to fill out the “ideal date” section, don’t opt for the same old plain and boring answer, which is dinner and a movie. Be smart and set yourself apart from the rest of the men who send winks, flirts and messages like “How R U?” Try being creative in the date section like going for ice cream and a walk in the park or a picnic at sunset on the beach, in front of a bonfire with a bottle of wine. And here is another well-known fact about us, we love to laugh and a guy with a good sense of humor gets our attention. It actually matters more than your income or job.

6.       Steer clear of pickup lines

If you take the step and contact a woman, make sure that you do it smart and not with cheesy pick-up lines that we are so sick of. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” is one of the worst possible lines, also try to avoid sending the same message to all the women you contact, we have some sort of sense for these things and it will most certainly end with you receiving no reply whatsoever.

You know that you have only one shot to impress, so take full advantage of it.

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