Open-Ended Questions For Her

Open-Ended Questions For Her


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On all dating sites you will be advised to use open-ended questions when on a date or when you get to know a woman. An open-ended question ensures a manifest of interest toward your date and will also make the conversation go easier. It will also make her talk more about herself instead of making her just listen to your football stories or business plans. Women usually love to get the chance of talking about themselves.

If you want to make sure that your next date will go smoothly and successfully take into account some of the following tips.

About Family & Friends

Example question 1: “So, what is your family doing for a living?”

Example question 2: “What do you and your friends do for fun?”

Talking about friends and family is not the hardest topic to approach. Questions related to family and friends make excellent icebreakers since they’re natural questions to ask when meeting someone new. Also, people love to talk and share stories about their loved ones. Once you open up this subject you get the chance to get to know her in-depth because you become aware of her family and friends background which usually gives an idea about how a person is.

Once she starts talking ask her some follow-up questions but make sure to focus mainly on questions which will bring you answers about her.

About Career

Sample question 1: “How could a girl like you get into that job?”

Sample question 2: “What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?”

Another common topic at a first date is her career. Most of our waking life is spent at work, so asking her what she does for a living is an expected question and it offers endless possibilities for open-ended questions.

About Hobbies

Sample question 1: “What made you take guitar lessons?”

Sample question 2: “What do you love about charity work?”

When talking with her about hobbies and interests you know you are in the right direction. Her hobbies show the way in which she wants and like to spend her leisure time. Hobbies can tell you a lot about her personality and charisma. It is a wide and fun subject and there are small chances to blow it up if you ask about her interests. Again, the open-ended questions are a must since you have to make her tell you more about herself.

Surprising and spontaneous topics

Sample question 1: “What was your worst outfit ever?”

Sample question 2: “When was the last time you went skinny dipping?”

The best conversations are those which seem natural and spontaneous. If you took her to a restaurant located near a lake, Sample Question 2 is a spontaneous and environmentally related one. This gives a natural atmosphere to a somehow awkward situation which a first date it usually is. Remember to keep the conversation going for as long as you can with open-ended questions.


Finally, everything you ask her should allow her to give you a detailed answer. Women really enjoy talking about themselves (if she’s not the shy and introverted type, of course). Good luck!

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