Perfect dinner date at home

Perfect dinner date at home


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It is well known that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but this is also true for women. Of course, it is easier to spend some money and take her to the nicest restaurant, but it can be just as easy to cook something for the woman you’re dating and she will be more impressed.

When you are cooking for her, you show that you are creative and thoughtful, things that aren’t necessarily visible when going out on the restaurant. Here are some tips to create a special meal, but be attentive because this isn’t a first date tip. It would a too forward gesture for a first date.

1. Pick a simple menu

If you are cooking for her for the first time, choose something simple that you have made before and turned out tasteful. Do not try out something new which leaves more room for failure. Also, try not to cook the entire night and ignore her, and pick something you know she likes. If she is vegetarian, take this into account. Due to the fact that this doesn’t happen on the first date, pay attention to what she usually orders so that you know what to cook.

2. Preparations

You should buy the ingredients for the meal a day before. You can chop the vegetables and throw them in the fridge, assemble the casserole or marinate the meat so that on the night of the date you can just get them in the oven. Prepare an easy appetizer so that you can have a snack while preparing the main course. If you have a few of the things already prepared, it will take off some pressure.

3. Involve her too

Get her involved, don’t just let her sit there and watch you cook. Give her something easy to do that won’t lead to possible accidents that might ruin her outfit. This will also give you a chance to know her better.

Have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. Order something or have some pasta and marinara. Accidents happen so don’t worry, just have a back-up plan. When you are cooking for someone, you show them sincerity and generosity. If you prepare something she likes, you show her that you really care. Also, create an atmosphere because it matters just as much as the food. The focus should be on the two of you and…Bon appetit!

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