Plan your second date

Plan your second date


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You have already been out for the first date and things went great, but now it is time for you to plan the second date. This is when you know if there really is a spark between the two of you, so you do not have to mess it up. These are some tips to plan a perfect second date:

1. Be creative

If on your first date you went to dinner and drinks, you must pick something a little bit different for a second date, but keep in mind that you must be able to communicate. For example, you shouldn’t cook for her because instead of getting to know her, you will be cooking the entire date. Take her to a picnic on the beach or park, but do not take her somewhere isolated because she is still building her trust in you.

2. Pay attention to her

It takes two for a conversation. If one of you speaks the entire time, it will only make the other one to feel uncomfortable so not only will you have to say honest things about yourself, but you will also have to ask her about her life: work, friends, family, hobbies and what she likes and dislikes.

3. Be a gentleman

Just because you know that she is going out with you on a second date, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop being a gentleman. If you want to keep going out on dates with her, then pay attention to her body language, how she is moving her eyes, because this will tell you what’s ok about the date and what not.

Just because you are going on a second date, it doesn’t mean that you are in a relationship. It is hard, nerve-racking and exciting to get to know someone. That is why you have to pay attention to how she reacts on a date, you have to be creative, to communicate and to always be a gentleman.

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