Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro

Plan your wedding like a pro


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You reached by now the perfect time for settling down. You have a beautiful and intelligent woman with whom you want to build a big family. Both of you discussed and realized that the next step in your relationship as a couple is to get married in a stylish and well-done way. You have to plan the big day like a pro. A successful wedding will make the both of you extremely happy, so you will have to work on it.

Men deserve to express their opinion

Nowadays, men have a word to say when it’s about the wedding day. There is no more of a cliché than a wedding which is all about the bride. The groom is as important as the bride in the wedding day therefore, he should have a word to say too. A wedding is a union between couples for life so it’s only reasonable to let the groom share the spotlight with the bride.

Moreover, if the groom is not sufficiently involved in the wedding plans and details, he will feel like a stranger at his own party. If you want to remember your wedding day as being great and fun and special, you should add a little bit of personal touch. Talk to your future spouse and figure out a way to satisfy each other’s wishes.

The ceremony

Sadly, you don’t have the chance of playing with and personalizing your ceremony, because this part has to be done in the old fashioned way.

Still, as the groom you pay a crucial role in the development of the religious service. The simplest and most effective way of changing the atmosphere at the religious ceremony is when you have to exchange vows. Think about what you want to tell your future spouse in the day of your wedding. Choose the right words and impress the audience and your sweetheart. If you are not such a big master of words, ask a friend’s help who you know has a little bit of a writing talent.

Make sure to let your future wife realize that your vows are personal and intimate. Don’t make the mistake of just saying “I do!” at whatever the minister says. Take control over your part of the ceremony and say what you would like to say on this special day.

The reception site

Here you are capable of making the worst mistake: not getting involved enough. It would be better to go with your future wife and interview event coordinators. Make sure you negotiate their pricing scheme because they tend to take advantage of the event’s euphoria. Plus, you are a masculine figure which implies posture and self-confidence.

When it is decided where should the party site be placed, involve yourself in the decision. Give your opinion and who knows, perhaps they will follow your lead.

The food

That’s boring, right? Well, I know many ex grooms who let the menu up to their significant other. However, do you really want to starve on your wedding day just because your lovely sweetheart is a vegetarian and also a spices fan? All you need is one hour in order to assist her when planning the menu. At your wedding there will be men too, so a woman’s tastes have to be combined with a man’s in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

The music

You love her, right? But at one point you get tired of hearing elevator music and Buddha Bar. Imagine your ears in the wedding day, they will be suffering. When it’s the time to decide over what band should come and play at your wedding or what DJ, involve yourself in the decision process. You know best what makes your buddies get up and move.

The show

Just music and alcohol is not enough for a fabulous wedding. Let your wife pick that flamenco acting group she loves and you bring that hot soul singer which will make your gang go crazy. The main idea is to constantly mix every wedding detail with yours and her preferences.

Finally, you have to do your best to remember your wedding day as the most fun and sacred day of your life. Speak your mind and involve yourself in each wedding detail. Perhaps you will piss off the event planners at first, but that’s their own problem. 

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