Planned Spontaneity

Planned Spontaneity


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When you start a new relationship, everything is perfect and new. You are just starting to know each other so you cannot get bored together. However, as time passes by, avoid getting into the vicious circle of routine; this is one of the worst enemies of a relationship.

After so many years of dating, you have surely been to many places with your old dates or with your friends so you must have a lot of ideas of where to take your sweetheart. First of all, an element of surprise should always be present in a relationship. It is true you have to be spontaneous, but make sure you don’t surprise her too much and monopolize her time. Whenever you want to do something together just make sure she has the time to do it and surprise her by not giving her any details about your date.

You know most of the local restaurants and pubs, so you have plenty of places to take her. You might also consider taking her to the zoo, to an amusement park or a museum. The best think about a new relationship is that there are so many things you can do together that you cannot get bored and if you feel you are running out of ideas just ask your friends. Even better, if you are closely paying attention to what she is saying you might realize when she says where she intended or would like to go and then surprise her by taking her there. She will definitely appreciate the fact that you are a good listener and that you care about what she likes.

“Planned “spontaneity is all about thinking about how you can surprise her especially when she does not expect it. You can go on a road trip and spend a night at an inn or a motel; just make sure she does not have something urgent planned for the next day. Any crazy and unexpected activity you do together will strengthen the bond between you two and great memories will mitigate the boring things you might do later in your relationship.

No matter how long your relationship is, you can always do something to avoid getting caught in the routine. There will always be a new place to take her whenever you feel you are not doing anything interesting anymore. She will always appreciate any effort you make to show her that you care. And think about it this way: if you try to surprise her, she will do the same for you and we all know it’s going to be worth it.

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