Plans for Christmas

Plans for Christmas


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So you’re in a relationship with an amazing woman and you already plan giving her an amazing Christmas night. Until that dreaded moment comes and your mom calls to ask when do you arrive and who are you bringing home for Christmas.

Like always, around the exact same time, your girlfriend announces you that her own mother called too also asking her if she will arrive home for Christmas and if she brings her new boyfriend for dinner.

So what should the two of you do? Is it that important to you and to her to get to see your families this Christmas? You should talk to her about this problem and figure out what to do so that both of you feel happy and comfortable.

Decide where it should be best to go for Christmas, pick the happiest and most joyful house and get the chance of spending the Christmas with your loved ones.

Here you have some ideas which might help you have a happy Christmas.

Obviously, if both of your families live in town, you could spend the Christmas Eve at her family and the Christmas Day with your folks; or the other way around. You figure it out. Just keep in mind that it’s not really fair to ignore her family or your family so you have to find a middle way.

Of course, you could always plan a short Christmas vacation and make your own Christmas memories. In this way you can have a bonding experience with your beloved girlfriend and also avoid having to make that awful decision between families. They will understand. 

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