Playful - attractive trait in a potential partner

Playful - attractive trait in a potential partner


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Since prehistory until now there are no major changes on how a human attracts another human. Why are we keeping an eye on the same characteristics when we decide over a certain person? Maybe because evolution makes us seek for the same old traits and these traits appear as significant in potential mates.

Men are wired to use resources in order to attract women, even if that resource is about the latest Porsche. Still, this means that they can provide and protect. On the other side, women still use their looks and fertility to attract men. 

There still are some exceptions from the rule

Nowadays it’s something usual when a man stays home with the kids and the woman follows her successful career. Even so, our evolutionary mating criteria are steady.

A recent study found that a playful attitude is one of the top traits both men and women find appealing in a partner. Above playfulness, men and women rated kindness and understanding as an important constituent in a partner.

Why is playfulness such an appreciated trait in a potential partner?

Playfulness adapts to the evolution

Relationships often become something common, almost a routine in our lives. We go to work, get home, eat dinner, read something then go to bed. For those in a relationship this route isn’t that different. They just have an extra conversation over dinner or go once at two weeks at the movies.

What’s sad is that we get so caught up in this cycle that we forget how to be spontaneous and have fun. It might have some bad connotations, but playfulness for adults is exciting and has a powerful effect, mainly when in a romantic relationship.

Maybe our ancestors used playfulness as a form of showing fertility, desire for life and youthfulness. 

Finally, many people have children who remind them about how great it is to be playful. If you can’t have such a reminder, try and remember to be playful from time to time. It might help you a lot in your love life.

Playful couples will remain together. 

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