Playing hard to get

Playing hard to get


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When you are playing hard to get is like you are playing catch. Trying to catch someone who doesn’t want to be cached is somehow illogical. Why would you want to be around someone who doesn’t want to be around you?

1. Be self-confident

Confidence is the answer. When we used to play games, it was because we weren’t too self-confident and now as adults we are doing it because we want to feel like we belong somewhere. The question is “Why?” ; Why do we keep doing it when we all are self-serving adults with careers, cars, education and our own place?

2. Be relaxed

Usually, for men it is the thrill of the chase that makes them play hard to get with women and I somehow understand this because, for instance, if I were to have a job interview I wouldn’t seem over-the-moon during the interview. I would seem relaxed, as I would be their best choice. Only afterwards, I would be jumping out of my skin of joy.

3. Act like women do

When going out on a date is just like going on a job interview. Because women do not want a man who is over-the-moon about their date, even if they do dream about the knight in a shining armor who is relaxed and cool, who has chosen to rescue us and be forever ours.

This is how women want you to act when you want to play hard to get. Don’t be mean or ignore her calls just to make her suffer. Just be cool and make her feel like she has earned her place next to you.

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