Reasons why your relationships end

Reasons why your relationships end


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You had at least one relationship in your life, if not several, when everything was perfect, you thought she was the one, only to find out after a few months that she’s not actually what you really wanted.


The main reason for relationship break-up is the lack of communication, or even too much communication; other factors could relate to differences in culture, perspective and upbringing. But all these could be solved if communication at an early stage of the relationship is applied properly.


Religion can also represent a setback in a relationship, because you can’t expect your partner to simply drop her religious set of beliefs and convert to yours. This is a rather delicate matter that must be discussed, if it’s the case for marriage, for example.

Marriage can be another problem that finds its solution in communication. If you are going for a traditional, love-based and cemented relationship and marriage, you should discuss when and how you are going to prepare for it, because while you may be thinking about a simple, easy-breezy ceremony, she might (and they usually do) want something grandiose. 

The “children” topic can also lead to an unexpected break-up, especially if a woman wants three or more, that’s why it is imperative to have the children talk when you reach that point in your relationship and truly decide if you are ready for such a big step.

Individuality in couple must be maintained by all means, despite the fact that in time you both become one entity. But to avoid boredom, you should each have your little independent things to do and a certain amount of freedom; this means that if you want to go with your guys and watch a football match out in the town, she should understand, and if you want to stay at home and watch movies, she should also be entitled to a night out with the girls. Which leads us right to…

The three C’s

Change: You may be expected to change during the relationship, women always being the ones who have the tendency to push men towards personal improvement, and let’s be honest, towards their idea of the perfect partner. You may as well do it, because change needs to occur naturally with the passing of the years, especially if you want to keep the other one next to you. Moreover, no one asks for a radical change from you. The easiest way to accept and embrace change is for you two to change and grow together.

Communication: Men are generally not patient listeners, and they mainly just nod when their girlfriends/wives talk to them, waiting for their turn into the discussion or simply just stating their opinion or pointing out their partner is wrong. You should actually listen and not just stay there and hear what she’s saying, because you won’t solve anything, and communication is the main pillar in a relationship because it helps the couple discuss and solve the problems they may be dealing with.

Compromise: You have to keep in mind that the purpose of a partner in a relationship is not to overpower or subjugate the other. A relationship requires balance and compromise, and if you made a mistake make sure to acknowledge it and apologize, don’t let your ego boost through the roof and ruin what the two of you have managed to build so far. Don’t be an emotional blackmailer either and force her to do something based on the premise “if you love me, you will do it” because you will only succeed in pushing her away. Compromise will get you far in a relationship, as long as it comes from both of you. She is the love of your life after all, right? So it’s all worth it. 

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