Recovering from a first bad impression online

Recovering from a first bad impression online


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Daily, people go online looking for love by joining dating sites, building elaborate online profiles and uploading photos, as long as they show our good side.  Women seem to be more successful to this thing due to the fact that communication skills seem to be natural in women whereas men find it challenging.  Even if we cannot deal with words, we can easily promote ourselves with style and flair.

Men are not so lucky because many of them have difficulties in building a romantic relationship on an online dating site since they still have to figure out some things. I often hear about men who embarrassed themselves on the Internet. They either say the wrong things or nothing at all because despite of their intentions, they do not know what women want from a man. You do not know how to write your profile and you say that you like drinking beer and that you are not in the mood for drama, in the most pathetic display of spelling and punctuation. Of course you will not appeal to woman. Many men won’t get a date for an entire season while others get plenty of dates but they ruin it because of bad manners or improper online etiquette.

No matter how you ruined things, you can recover after a first bad impression online by following the next steps:

Admit your mistakes

If you can admit that you have made a first bad impression you are almost there. Many men are stubborn and they choose to blame anything else but themselves for their inability to meet a great girl. They choose to say that online dating doesn’t work or that there are no worthwhile women in cyberspace. If you start from this premise you will never be successful online. Online dating is a proven method for finding love. Many people have started successful relationships online and not only those good-looking, athletic or accomplished. Even if you noticed that you aren’t great at making a good online impression, you can still restore your reputation:

1. Delete all your current profiles

You must start over, change your user name, put up some new pictures and start from scratch. It is easy as long as you don’t post pictures with yourself in the mirror naked. Ask someone you trust to photograph you in a natural setting.

2. Choose a great user name

This is the very first impression you’ll make in the mind of a woman. Communicate your best traits, but don’t be too cute, do not pick names with sexual connotations or junk phrases such as “BigDaddy_1977″, “I_am_the_1_4U”, etc. Choose things that include your first name such as “John_Loves_Dogs.” Even if it may seem silly, this is what women are looking for.

3. Ask for help from your platonic female friends 

This is the best way to find out what women want. Allow your friends to help you write your profile by allowing them to read and honestly criticize it. Be open to what they are saying and apply what you hear. Trust them more than your judgment because if you were doing it right you wouldn’t have ended up here.

The advantage of online dating is that you can always get a second chance to make a first impression. Just because you have learnt how to create the perfect profile it doesn’t mean your job is done and just because you haven’t met someone new, it doesn’t mean that you never will.

If in the future you will find yourself in the same mess, repeat the steps written above once again and you will eventually find what you are looking for.

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