Religious preferences in online dating

Religious preferences in online dating


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Is religion an important aspect when you look for a partner while online dating? 2, 700 singles were surveyed and it was found that almost 3 times more Jewish singles use online dating sites, compared to Christian singles.

Also, this survey concluded that the main reason why many Christians and Jews choose online dating is due to the insufficient number of people they met through their friends and family. Even if there are more Jews who are dating online, a large number of Christians agree that online dating is a great method of meeting new people and potential partners.

More results of the survey:

-87% of singles think that online dating is a good option to meeting new people

-both women and men agree that online dating is safer than meeting someone in a bar

-84% of single Christians and 91% of single Jews could agree to live with their partner before marriage

-60% of single Jews and 78% of single Christians would have no problem in marrying someone with children from a previous marriage

-85% of singles agree that sex before getting married is acceptable

-the large majority of singles think that it doesn’t matter who is the main provider in the relationship, the man or the woman

“Jewish singles went to more dates than the Christian singles.”

The most preferred activity for a first date

The results show that Jewish singles prefer to go and grab a coffee at the first date, while the Christian singles choose to have dinner.

Who goes to more dates?

The survey concluded that Jewish singles dated new people online and in-person a lot more than the Christian singles did. 

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