Save a date that has gone wrong

Save a date that has gone wrong


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The difference between a good date and a bad date consists in planning. Many men ask themselves if they are good or bad daters but I consider every date a good one, regardless if the date itself was bad or there was no connection. This is the only way to find out more about what you really want, who you are attracted to and what type of woman do you need.

Every date is an opportunity to get to know someone, but when you start to think about how it’s going to be and you get nervous, you end up with a bad plan or no plan at all. You end up not listening to her or not reacting as she would expect you to. So, you end up at the end of the date and you feel like you’ve got to do something to save it.

If you are in a good mood to date, it is ok but if you are nervous and you just realize it at the end of the date, it is over. She has been reading your nervousness the entire date and she couldn’t get the connection that she was looking for.

Don’t think that if you kiss her at the end of the date will solve things out. A kiss doesn’t make a difference. What you have to do is look into her eyes and tell her that you had a great time and that you should repeat the date. Set a day there and then. If you go with the kiss, you will make her feel confuse. She will start talking with her friends about your mixed signals and when that happens, you are done.

Think to yourself at the end of the date about something she said like a movie she would want to see, the amusement park where she would like to go or a restaurant she had never been to and tell her you two should go there for your next date. Say it with enthusiasm and really mean it. This is your chance to save your date.

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