Screen new dates by their Facebook behavior

Screen new dates by their Facebook behavior


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Facebook is one of a kind and since so many and different people use it, you can find a lot of odd and inappropriate behaviors that would never be acceptable in our offline society. In case you didn’t know, even employers use Facebook to see what kind of characters the people they want to hire have.

How we behave on our Facebook profile says a lot to others about us, as well as we can learn a lot about others, especially about that special lady we’ve been dating lately.

Look up her friends

If most of her friends are men that have shirtless profile pictures and are from a few dozen countries, it means that she is a collector. You should check if she frequently interacts with many men whom she doesn’t know, if she interacts with local men, if she has a lot of tags at parties or if she added your friends. If it’s like this, then she might just explore her options.

Her posts

If she is one of those girls who has a ton of sexy photos with hundreds of likes from guys, a lot of comments to which she replies, if she is sweet when she replies to her friends or she becomes a completely different person, then you should be careful.

Her statuses

If she has some sort of a relationship status that might involve another person, you need to take into consideration the possibility that she might still feel something for her ex. Watch out for the frequency of her posts to make sure that her status is up-to-date.

Her photos

If at dates and events she takes pictures with her phone, see if she posts them on Facebook. Check if she is hiding you or showing you off. You need to know exactly the way she thinks about your relationship, especially when she tags photos of you, knowing that they can be seen by all of your Facebook friends.

It’s difficult for anyone to have a strictly professional personal account on Facebook and on other social media sites or online dating sites as well. Each account can show different sides of you that not even your friends might know. It’s a good thing though that Facebook can help us understand the character of our partners.

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