Searching for “The One” keeps you away from finding love

Searching for “The One” keeps you away from finding love


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Men tend to picture their ideal women but that can keep them from finding love. If you think you will be able to find a beautiful, down-to-earth but also bubbly, sensual and wise woman, you are more likely to remain single forever.

When looking for a partner, keep these things in mind:

1. Keep it real

Ever since you were a boy you always looked at the most beautiful girls and now, a few decades later, you still want to be with that kind of girl, despite the fact that you were never able to date the popular girls or those who actually made you feel butterflies in your stomach. As a matter of fact, you haven’t even had too many dates or lengthy relationships, but you are still stuck on that fantasy girl, which will get you nowhere.

Get down to earth. The best girlfriends aren’t the vain and vapid girls that you dream about, because those often judge you and the world by a ridiculously shallow standard- which is actually what you’re doing by ignoring the girls around you.

Look for someone with whom you can be relaxed, have fun and who will actually date you. If you only look at the main course, you will be missing on other type of dishes which will actually add more flavor, character and excitement to the experience.

2. Throw away your checklist

Don’t overthink it. Of course, you are infatuated about brunettes, who isn’t? The best friend of the girl you like might be the better choice for you. The more you limit the type of girl that you are willing to date, the fewer dates you'll have. You never know if someone is the right person for you unless you date them.

We tend to create an ideal image around some girl or woman we have seen or known, but it wasn’t her hair, eyes, attire or college major that attracted you to her.

3. Date someone who likes you

Someone once said “Don’t marry the one you love; marry the one who loves you”. Even if you can get on a date with your obsession, she will always have the upper hand and good relationships are shared by equals. We all have admirers and if you look around, you will notice girls who have smiles and eyes for you. Maybe they are easy to overlook, but do not judge a book by its covers.

Everyone has lots of opportunities to date someone. There are thousands of lonely girls who would like to go out on a date and some of them already like you, but if you want to find someone, you must go out on a lot of dates.

You must stop chasing a fantasy and get to know some real girls. Even though they are not “The One”, they might be the love of your life, you might gain some confidence in dating that will help you later or they might be what you’ve waited for all of your life. Every time you meet someone new, you open a door towards a lot of possibilities you couldn’t have imagined.

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