seduction-the 10 commandments of Giacomo Casanova

Seduction - the 10 commandments of Giacomo Casanova


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Any man wants to seduce the woman who attracts him.

Some are successful, others are shy, some are arrogant, some afraid and others may by impatient.

In his 73 years of life, the famous Casanova has made love to 132 women, among which aristocrats, actresses, dancers, servants, Greek slaves, 5 sisters and their mother, a travesty, a hunchback, a nymph and some nuns. Unlike the imaginary Don Juan, Giacomo Casanova was not a sexual predator. He would actually fall in love with many of the women whom he has slept with, and his goal, when he lured them, was to satisfy them and not viceversa.

If you do not have time the read the 12 autobiographic novels of Casanova, you must at least know the 10 commandments that made his talent unmatched for more than 200 years.

1. To make a woman feel special, do something special.

When you want to impress a woman, never say “So….what would you like us to do now?” A real Casanova has always a plan, he doesn’t stumble and knows what comes next. Thus, the woman begins to trust him and she lets herself dominated with pleasure. In order to subdue a woman, says the old conqueror, imagine that you have to ask her to marry you and organize a great evening (without the falling in one knee and the ring).

2. Privacy is sexy

 A flattered woman is already three quarter won over! And nothing flatters a woman more than knowing that she has caught a man’s full attention. If you ask her out, it has no point to share the evening with other friends. Take her away from the noise, and other curious pairs of eyes, from anything that could distract your attention. Only in privacy does a woman reveal herself.

3. Let her feel fascinated about the fact that you are fascinated about her

Casanova used to invite women in rooms filled with light and mirrors so that they could enjoy their image from all possible angles. Also, a woman feels sexier when she looks herself in the mirror. If there are no mirrors, then you must bring one on your own so that she can admire herself in it. How? That means that you must show her the effect she has on you: smile attractively to her from time to time, keep looking at her and do not answer to her questions (sign that you cannot even hear because of your fascination towards her). If the girl is pretty, don’t tell her that, because everybody tells it to her. You tell her that she is smart and you have already earned a bonus point.

4. Ask her what’s she thinking about?

Show her that your interest in her is not skin deep, that she is not just a decoration. When you look at a woman like she is merely an object, you tend to focus more on yourself, and then you are no Casanova. For Casanova it took hours to seduce a woman, hours in which he knew what to ask and how to listen. The reason why women found Casanova so fascinating was that he found them fascinating! It is easy to make a woman talk about herself. All you have to do is ask questions with an open ending and then close your mouth. The old conqueror used to touch a woman’s soul before even daring to touch anything else.

5. Don’t get cheap right now!

If she agreed do go out with you, don’t count your money in front of her. Over exaggerate with gallantry. These exaggerations are small lecheries (caviar, an expensive gift from the very first date, the most expensive champagne in the menu). Once she has accepted these ones, she will also accept what comes next (in the bedroom). So, it is enough to make her sin a little (for example, a rich meal), in order to make her sin some more.  

6. Pay importance to her senses

Casanova used to use aphrodisiacs. He would perfume the room with tuberoses because they were thought to stimulate the sexual desire and served oysters with champagne, because there is only one thing that feels better on your tongue than that… He would make her talk- remember that every woman loves the sound of her own voice- and he would once in a while touch her gently in order to remind her what is going on.

So, pay attention to all of the 5 senses of the woman that’s standing next to you. Each of them is like a little engine that has to be warmed first.

7. Be patient!

Although Casanova also liked it when a woman was wearing just a lace shirt instead of a corset, he wouldn’t throw himself on top of her. He thought that if you taste the pleasure too soon, you won’t be able to taste it all. So you must know that the foreplay doesn’t start with 60 seconds before the act, and that it doesn’t even start in the bedroom. It starts from the moment you meet.

8. Play!

The food and drinks that Casanova used to order were mostly sexually allusive: oysters, soft cheese, ripped, juicy fruits, sparkling wines. One of the reasons was that that he enjoyed seeing the woman put in her mouth all of these things. The other was that he loved to play. When a slippery oyster would fall into her cleavage, he would instantly offer to take it out. Also, he would encourage her to place her hands in the vinegar and oil recipients. Casanova knew that the sexual act is not a serious thing, but a grown up play. So, when you invite her out, remember that the foreplay has already started. Eat from each other’s hands, drink from the same cup, etc.

9. Be spontaneous

Casanova was a patient guy but he would never miss an occasion. When a woman offers herself to you, forget about all the other commandments and enjoy your luck.

10. Buy her sexy gifts.

Casanova used to buy lingerie to women and gave them reasons to try it on. Thus, it was game on. Do not offer a woman an over thought gift such as books or fur coats from the first date. Something silky like a scarf or a negligee would do. Send her to try it on, and let her make an entrance. She will already be excited.

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