Seven date ideas for spring

Seven date ideas for spring


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Many people say that spring is their favorite season. This is the season when not only nature gets back to life, but is also the time of birth of new relationships and great new dates. Even if you are taking a girl out for a first date or you want to spice your love life, there is nothing better than a spring fling.

1. A picnic in the park

Most women like picnics. You should buy a real picnic basket in order to create ambiance, and of course, fill it with delicious things such as wine, cheese, crackers and croissant sandwiches. Place a blanket under a tree and enjoy with your date the lovely weather and a great conversation. She will love it.

2. Go to an outdoor theatre

If you live near a metropolitan city, you will definitely find an outdoor theatre. Even if you might not be so much into it, she will. You will make her feel special and she will definitely appreciate the venue. Even if you might not be so excited about seeing something such as “The Phantom of the Opera”, you can bare it. A little culture hasn’t killed anyone.

3. The botanical garden

This might also not please you, but she will enjoy it. There is something about men surrounded with flowers and plants that women find sexy. It doesn’t cost much and you will also have the opportunity to walk and talk. Most cities have a botanical garden which is usually near the next date idea.

4. A trip to the zoo

Unless they are animal rights activists, women love the zoo. This can be not only a first date idea, but also a second and a third and, unlike the above locations, it will also be fun for you because it will allow you to get in touch with your inner child and cut loose.

5. Geocaching

This is a modern treasure-hunt game. You will be a given GPS and some coordinates to locate the “geocache”, a container hidden at the location. This game will encourage team effort and critical thinking. Look for parks and recreation sites in your city where they organize geocaching and have fun!

6. A day at the beach, river or lake

You can take a day trip so that you do not have to worry about sleeping arrangements which can complicate things. The advantage of a day trip at the beach, river or lake is that during the drive you will be able to know each other better and how else can you spend a spring day other than in the sun enjoying water sports, boating or jet skiing?

7. Go miniature golfing, hiking, biking or rollerblading

If you and your date are athletic and enjoy the outdoors, golfing, hiking, biking or rollerblading are just some of the many exciting activities that you can do together. If you are not too good at sports, be careful.

Moreover, keep in mind that when going on dates, women tend to dress-up so you might have to offer her some clues about where you are going and more importantly, she might not be ready to sweat in front of you.

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