Sexting: When and How?

Sexting: When and How?


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You should always think twice before sending a text because once you sent it, there’s no way back. The same rule applies to sexts (texts with sexual content) especially if you are not sure what kind of reaction it might trigger.

There are famous people who got into trouble just because of sexting. Not all women react the same way to this kind of sexual manifestation, especially if they don’t know you so well. If you are the one who likes a woman and you think she might like you back, sexting is definitely not a good idea. You can be charged with sexual harassment if you start sending her pictures of your intimate parts.

There are some rules that if followed, shouldn’t get you into trouble.

First of all, never send a sext saying something you normally wouldn’t say. The slightest doubt you may have is a sign that it’s not wise to send this kind of text to a woman. I know that talking on the Internet or through messages makes you bolder since you don’t have to tackle with a face-to-face conversation, but NEVER send a sext if you are not completely sure you should do it.

Secondly, you should keep in mind that if she gave you her phone number, it doesn’t give you the green light to start sexting her. First you should get to know her better every way, even between the sheets and maybe afterwards give sexting a try. It is generally not recommended for you to start sexting if you didn’t have sex before because it will most likely make you look like a pervert. If you already got busy in the bedroom, then chances are she will react positively to a steamy message.

If you decided to sext her, there are some things you need to know and the most important one is that men are mostly visually stimulated, unlike women. If you want to do this right you have to learn that women like being told what you would like to do to them when you get together. This will make her think about it a lot and look forward to your next encounter.

You can be more than sure that sending her a picture of your pride will make her less than half as turned on as you would be if she would do the same. This is why porn always works for guys, because they get stimulated by what they see and not so much by what they read or hear.

The only piece of advice that  I can give you is to avoid sexting at all times unless the person you are sending these messages to is trsutful and you are 100% sure she will not get offended. Other than that, I can only wish you good luck and keep the fire alive.

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