She wants to start a family

She wants to start a family


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When you are thinking about having children, do you see it as the burden of changing diapers, waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning because he’s crying or apologizing to plane passengers for your screaming baby? If so, then you are definitely not ready to have children. The only problem is, your woman is ready to become a mother.

You have been together with this woman for a long time. You love and appreciate her and so does she, but the difference is that she loves you so much that she is already making hints letting you know that she wants you to be the father of her babies. The idea seems to have come naturally, but truth is that despite your strong and loving relationship, you are still not ready to become a father. Only the thought of it scares you in such a way that you even have nightmares sometimes. So what should you do?

You may be wondering whether you should give her the child she wants and later see how it goes, or, tell her you don’t want children, but stay with her because she is a great woman. The answer is none of the above. First of all it would not be fair to have a baby you do not want from the beginning. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you will become a great father in time, this generally doesn’t happen and she might end up a single mother, so you are not making her a favor.

Secondly, you cannot just ignore her desires and continue with your life like nothing ever happened. She already knows what she wants from life and you know you do not want the same thing. So what can you do? Well, the wisest decision you could take, would be to let her go. Be honest with her and confess that you are not ready to be a father yet. She deserves to be with a man that has the same views as she does and give her what she needs. You will also find an independent woman who will share your views and does not feel prepared to have a child yet.

Never consider having a baby you are not ready to have. Being a parent is a 24/7 job that requires full commitment and attention. It’s not like having a dog or a stressing job; you will be responsible for the little human your whole life and this thought gives you goose bumps. So, as much as you love your girlfriend, do not make the mistake of having a child together if you don’t feel the same as she does. She might become a great mom, but a child needs the love and attention of both his parents.

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