She Will Give You Her Number Anyway

She Will Give You Her Number Anyway


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So you have no problem in approaching a stunning woman and getting her digits, right? Many men have a whole collection of numbers and names which were successfully used at least for getting a date.

Still, you have a hard time timing “the call”. You have no idea after what amount of time you should call her or for how long should you talk to her on the phone before asking her on a date. Welcome to the club! There are many men in your position, who blow their chances just because they don’t call a woman back on time.

A friend of mine managed to get a woman’s phone number in a bar, after some convincing. He was so proud, because the woman seemed really interested and she was attractive too. He called her two days after the time they met. She answered, but quickly ended the conversation saying that she had another work related call on the other line and that he should call back again in 15 minutes.

He called her back after 30 minutes but he got no answer. After another day he texted her saying that he would like to see her again. She never answered. Imagine the disappointment of my friend. He had all kinds of troubling questions. “Why did she give me her phone number if she knew that she won’t talk to me?” or “Have I offended her somehow?” or “Should I have called sooner?” All these doubts and “mysteries” lead to nowhere. If you find yourself in such a situation, let’s take a look at a woman’s psychology a bit. It might ease your mind and give you an idea on how you should act next time you get a woman’s phone number.

It has been proven that many women accept to share their phone number for achieving an ego boost. If a woman accepts to share her digits with a random stranger she is more likely to do that because she knows that the next day she will have to decide if she wants to see him again or not. This decision is what makes a woman high on self-esteem boost.  

I know this sounds a little bit harsh towards women’s image, but you have to take all sorts of things into consideration. The truth is you never really know who and how the woman who shares her number with you is. 

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