Should men be more sensitive? Part 1

Should men be more sensitive? Part 1


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Men think that all women want is tender loving care which encompasses many emotions and acts, but this boils the sensitivity of a man. You should know that as long as you are sensitive, your woman will be happy. If you start giving into your feminine side, you will also be giving into her wants, but is this really what she wants?

Do women want a sensitive man?

Women want a man who would share a tear with them at a romantic movie, but do they want an effeminate man?

There are girlfriends who ask a man to be more sensitive, share their emotions and open up, but if you do, you might end up losing her. Even in prehistoric times, men were the providers and women maintained the household. This doesn’t mean that this is still the case nowadays, but women still want an authoritative man, who is in charge and can get things done, preferably also having a tender heart.

How nice to be?

You must spend some time getting to know your partner and keep learning things about her. This is just as important as not forgetting her birthday or anniversaries. If she is pleased with you being nice and doing the little things, do it. You shouldn’t take it too far because you risk overdoing it. If you used to alternate the type of movies that you watched together and now you are watching only what she likes, it is already exaggerated.

If you are already too nice, you should backtrack a little. If you are too macho and though, it will cost you a good nice girl and you should be more caring. How should you do it to make your woman happy before you lose her? Read more…

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