Should you give online dating your all

Should you give online dating your all?


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Many men spend a lot of time on online dating sites, using online dating as their primary method to meet women and find girlfriends. Instead of going out and trying to meet women in bars, coffee shops, or anywhere else for that matter, they choose to introduce themselves and develop connections online and this is a bit of a problem.

Why is it a fixation?

The main reason men choose to have all their interactions in the online environment is that they are intimidated by meeting women face-to-face. It might be an overgeneralization, and some men just don’t find the time to meet women offline, but there still are those who know for a fact that online dating brings them a lot of success when it comes to meeting women. But as earlier mentioned most of these men put all their hopes on online dating websites for the simple fact that they are scared of meeting women offline.

Why is it a mistake to focus only on online dating?

You might be very good at creating attractive profiles, writing interesting opening messages and effectively engaging in IM chats, but you still have to meet one of these women in the real world.

It’s not just the way you write, you need to develop a sense of attraction with this woman and it can’t be done properly online. You need to boost your self-confidence that no amount of digital interaction will provide you with. All the satisfaction and self-esteem might melt away the minute you turn off your computer.

The best way through which you can boost your self-confidence is by simply talking to a woman in person and you most certainly can’t accomplish this just by flirting on such a website.

The value of online dating

Online dating sites have a lot of value because they offer men the chance of meeting a lot of interesting, attractive and single women, whom they wouldn’t have the chance of meeting in their daily lives, especially if they are from other cities or other countries.

These online dating sites give you the possibility of developing a slow attraction and a positive relationship, with women who are very busy or who are cautious when they are approached in a bar or on the street. It is a great tool that men use to meet women but should never be considered as a substitute for real life communication and the relationships we are all searching for.

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