Single men are more likely to believe in love-struck

Single men are more likely to be love-struck


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No matter what the media and the society make you believe, is seems like single men are more likely to be love-struck than women.

After a new study, the researchers found out that single men are 33% more likely to believe they could fall in love at first sight than single women. Moreover, it was discovered that men have more trust in finding love, no matter the race, marital status, sexuality or age.

The highest contrast is between Asian men and women. 4 out of 5 Asian men responded positively regarding their belief in love at first sight, while only one-third of Asian women agreed with this.

68% of married men can be love-struck, 12% higher than married women.

Almost 3 out of 4 gay men believe that they can fall in love at just one glance, while the lesbian respondents had lower than half of their positive answers.

These findings also show that men give more importance to appearance than women when they are looking for a partner. Men are highly visual and they can get more involved and even love-struck easier because they are so sensitive in what concerns a woman’s looks. Apart from men, women are not so impressed by the appearance, they learned to look for the resource potential in a partner.

This study also shows that as men grow in age, they tend to believe in love at first sight more than women do. The reason for this is believed to be the need of affection and bonding, due to the decline of testosterone levels and the increase of estrogen levels.

The conclusion of this research is that men are more likely to be love-struck than women and that women are a little less visual and a little more deep regarding a man’s skills, providing capacity and other vital aspects. 

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