Six signs that you are dating an Alfa woman

Six signs that you are dating an Alfa woman


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You are interested in a woman. You have noticed that it’s different from anyone else you’ve ever known and that your interest in her is really high.

A date with an Alfa woman is really hard to get.

She is very busy and you know it. She looks good, she is confident, proud, really sure about her femininity, she acknowledges her sexuality and she shows it, she is ambitious, discreet and independent.

That is why you want her so much.

She defends herself and her ideas, she is very powerful but also very feminine.

The Alfa woman has the natural ability to make men follow her. Men like her.

Because of her attitude, your date with an Alfa woman will be your most challenging date ever.

What shows you that she is an Alfa woman?

I’ll tell you 6 aspects and a few pieces of advice.

First of all: be confident! An Alfa woman loses her interest quickly, unless she notices originality and a strong personality.

1. She seems unimpressed for small romantic gestures.

She is a woman accustomed with men around her, so it is no surprise if she is not impressed with the small things that work for other women. She does like flowers and chocolate, but her expectations are higher.

So you have to be original to draw her attention.

A piece of advice: For example, try writing something for her and leave it on her car’s window, do a drawing that expresses your thoughts or prepare lunch, go to her and eat it together.

You can do anything as long as it is different, original, and custom made.

I guarantee you it works!

This kind of woman is used with men chasing her, stay calm and balanced and you will definitely draw her attention.

2. She keeps seeing other men

It is obvious that she doesn’t want to get involved. The Alfa woman has always a few men around her, and she likes the freedom of choice.

She doesn’t want to get involved with a Beta man. She is selective when it comes to the men that she invites in her life. You will know very quickly if you are not one of them.

What can you do? Do the same thing. Keep seeing other women until you know something for sure. If you are Mr. Right she will definitely be only yours.

3. She is hard to get

The Alfa woman is a busy woman. She likes sending you signs, have her around, and work around her schedule.

What can you do? Don’t become the “last solution” or the “just in case” man because you will not earn her respect in the long run. Make her understand that you have your own schedule (even if you don’t) and that doesn’t always fit with her program. Keep insisting around her if you are sure that you stand a chance and act naturally if she calls you. Do not call her more than twice before she calls you back

4. She insists on paying her share.

This is a very important aspect. For the Alfa woman it is a very natural thing. She as a woman that is financially independent and she isn’t looking for a man to support or do her small material favors. She needs a man that can make her feel good, enjoy his presence, laugh and flirt and mostly to reveal him her sexuality. She does not want to owe you anything. She stays with you for who you are, not for the favors you could do for her.

Why does she do that? It’s very simple. If you won’t have the chance to buy her drinks or pay the restaurant dinner, for example, she will never owe you anything. She is free and without commitments.

What can you do? Keep offering to pay every time. If she insists on paying her share, don’t push it. But to avoid this awkward paying moment, tell her that you will invite her to “your secret place” and take her to a picnic. You will pleasantly surprise her.

5. She asks for you

The Alfa woman is used to have around her men that do her different favors, even when she doesn’t ask for them. She won’t call you for trifles. Be there for her when she really needs you. That way you will draw her attention and get her respect in on the long run. Respect and dignity are very important. She doesn’t like “puppy” men.

6. She is sarcastic and superior to you

If she constantly looks at you from above, treats you with arrogance and does offensive remarks, defend your honor and answer her with the same type of comments. You will never know what an Alfa woman wants to say so will always have to be prepared to defeat hersef verbally.

It is basically another one of her challenges, exploratory, in the early stages. She wants to know with whom she’s dealing with and on which level you are.

What can you do? Use slightly arrogant, superior comments, use her language but not insulting words or trivial language. The will make her unbalance and see you as you really are.

If she keeps being arrogant, superior and talk to you with despise, it is best to go your own way. She is clearly not interested in you.

Careful! An Alfa woman might not call you back, she might date other men as well, but she will constantly send you clear signs that she is interested in you and will encourage you to court her and be around her. She will give you all the signs that she is interested in you.

If her signs are weak or not present at all, she is definitely showing you that she is not interested. Maybe she won’t say it upfront, but her ignoring you will be obvious. You must understand that you must go on.

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