Start your profile with a funny sentence

Start your profile with a funny sentence


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What is your starting sentence on your online dating profile? Have you ever wondered what it says about you? One can make an impression with the first word or better, with the first sentence of their profile description. How you begin your self-description speaks a lot about your personality.

Depending on what you say and how you say it a visitor decides if he/she remains on your profile or moves on to the next one.

When I’m playing pool, I often think to that quote, “It’s better to be lucky than good.” I find out that it fits each time I make an unbelievable trick because of a silly mistake. It’s just getting lucky. No matter how hard I would try, I would never be able to perform the same tricks, consciously.

In the online dating world, I adapted this quote in the following way:

“It’s better to be funny than good.”

When you are about to write the first sentence of your online dating profile, it’s a great idea to use something amusing as a start. There is no secret that people who have a good sense of humor have a more fun and easy life. If you can make her laugh, she will forget about your poor grammar, imperfect body or improper hairstyle.

Actually, being funny saves you from having to be model-like looking.

Your profile will be fun to ready if your first sentence is funny. It will be an easy task since with your first hilarious sentence you demonstrate a fun personality.

Don’t feel forced to be funny

You don’t need to be fake to be funny. Even if you aren’t such a goofy character, you can make someone smile by saying something clever or a little bit self-ironical.

Also, you could use a nice and funny quote from a good author which says what you would like to say but in better words.

Song lyrics, movie quotes, author quotes

Movie quotes and song lyrics are a trend right now because they are easy to find and use, reflecting the way we see life and love. Plus, using a quote, generally speaks a lot about your interests in what regards authors, movies and music.

Use interesting quotes and song lyrics which reflect your thoughts and let the people appreciate your personality, even through the words of others.

Use some of the wisdom gathered over time and express yourself in a clever and funny way. Remember, a good and interesting profile always starts with a brilliantly catchy first sentence. 

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