Stop acting like a wussy

Stop acting like a wussy


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Acting like a Wussy is a men’s classic behaviour. Usually, this kind of acting around women is triggered when a guy meets a cute girl and falls for her. It wouldn’t be a problem if the guy acts like a Wussy and the girl appreciates it. But, in most cases, women are scared away by men who act like Wussies.

What does it mean to be a Wussy? It’s the Mr. Nice Guy at the next level. We are taught ever since we were little that by being nice and kind to people will get them to ‘like’ us back. Well, it’s not a bad theory, usually, it works that way. The only difference is that women aren’t just people.

It’s not such a bright idea to make a woman ‘like’ you. Well, it is, but only if you want the ‘friend zone’ thing. In order to happily date a beautiful woman you should make yourself not likeable but intriguing and powerful. Women will like a nice guy who carries their bag and makes all the compromises for her happiness, but they will totally adulate a Greek God.

If you recently started to date a beautiful woman and until now you acted according to her wishes, it’s time to turn the table a bit. Speak your mind and when about to go on a date with her, go wherever you feel like and make her follow your lead. Be more decisive in your interaction with her. Women secretly like when a man takes control over their life.

Of course, it’s not a great idea to act like a bastard and make her lose her temper because you suddenly became a macho. You should change your attitude smoothly, in this way she won’t ask herself what happened. Acting more self-confident and cocky step by step will make her think that you just start to reveal the real you. Doing so, there are high chances that she will fall for you.

It’s not your fault that you act like a Wussy in order to get a woman to like you. Well, perhaps it is… Some guys are programmed to act nice and servile immediately after they see a cute girl. Others got a girl or two this way and they believe that it will work the same, forever.

A mature and beautiful woman will appreciate a man of this sort. Being servile and nice is good, but you have to show her from time to time that you ask for respect, that you have a word to say and that you are confident in your powers.

Find your inner Wussy and evict it at least for a while, until she falls for you.

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