Summer romance.Part 1

Summer romance.Part 1


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Every summer men travel to tropical places in order to discover new cultures and foods, make new friends and meet exciting women. They usually fulfill all their wishes except the latest because they forget or wait too long before developing that summer fling with an exciting woman. These are some secrets to developing a summer fling (even if it is in winter), with a girl who can knock them off their feet, and maybe keep that relationship for more seasons.

First mission

Women generally plan their vacations in groups, usually of 3 to 5 friends. They want to relieve their stress and have fun with their friends. These next factors can help you realize why it is easier to approach them then:

1. The darker the tan, the better: This will indicate the level of enjoyment during the vacation because most women’s prime mission is to stay in the sun as much as possible.

2. Loosen up:  During the summer holidays, women feel more sensual, playful and open-minded than usual. Their defense levels are low, and they are looking at life, and men along, through pink sunglasses. They tend to ignore their behavioral rules, feeling free and letting go.

3. Pictures of men:  Women love to take photos of good looking men-friends to show off to their friends at home.

4. Meet Casanova: All women want to meet a totally different type of man: intriguing, exciting and wild.

These points will help you realize why it is easier to win over a woman during a summer vacation. The risk of getting rejected is drastically reduced because she is there to have fun and meet interesting people.

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