Summer romance. Part 3

Summer romance. Part 3


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Make it last past the summer

When you actually have a summer fling going on, how can you make it last past the summer? You will have to surmount some obstacles to develop your relationship:

The intercourse is great but who is she?

You know everything about her body, but nothing about her. You do not know her favorite color, ice cream or TV show and as the summer fades away you start wondering if there could be more between you two than intercourse. You can figure it out by just collecting all sort of information about each other, by trying something new.

She is totally different from you

It is nothing bad about dating someone who is your total opposite because it can open a totally new world to you. Big differences can seem larger than they really are, and sometimes the things that make you so different are actually those that you have in common.

She lives in Bucharest and you live in New York

You must be realistic about what will keep you together. Before heading home you must be honest about your expectations and what is acceptable in terms of commitment. The main advantage of a long-distance relationship is that you can share a connection while still being independent. This releases some of the pressure of a new relationship.

She is already in a relationship

You have had fun together, but now it is time for her to return to her old life, and you are now panicking. It is best to let her go. Allow her to figure out what she wants and if she wants to be with you, she will return. Before leaving, make sure to tell her to call you if she misses you.

Is she just having fun?

She is coming to visit you and you can now see if the spark between you is still there.

It is definitely serious if:

1. She tries to befriend your dog

2. She asks you what you have planned for your birthday, even though it is with 3 months in advance.

3. Her friends know about you

4. She can name your best friends and your ex.

5. She refers to a future together.

She is definitely having fun if:

1. You still don’t have a picture of her.

2. She never asked anything about your job.

3. She never said that you are her boyfriend.

4. She is flirting with other men.

5. She never spends the night.

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