Talk about your romantic history

Talk about your romantic history


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Your romantic past is important. Why? Well because your romantic history brought you here, near your girlfriend and because of that past relationships you managed to form yourself in getting this dance done.

It’s a smart thing to discuss your past and her past too. Knowing her how she was back then will help her in the same way it helped you for letting her know your amorous history. If you are dating a woman in a serious way, don’t start to interrogate her, but just show her you are open to share your past and you expect reciprocity, if so.

Still, when that time comes, the main problem remains in presenting her your past relationships and dating experiences in a clear and relaxed way. How to talk about your romantic history without getting embarrassed?

The first question launched

Before even thinking about telling her your story try and talk to her about the necessity of this step to be taken. Realize if this is the right time for disclosure or you should wait some more, to get your relationship with her consolidated.

In case it’s the right time or the two of you are simply open by nature, it will come naturally in your discussions. Even so, if you are at a first date with that woman, try to avoid spending too much time talking about the past, since you have such an interesting present with her. At a first date with her, you should get to know each other, of course but, without dissecting your way through the past.

If she is the one who brings up the subject, do not rush and tell her every detail but don’t be evasive or too mysterious either. You could tell her some fun and cool stories, but nothing too important or too romantic, keep the heavy ones for later, when you become a serious couple.

Traps and myths

When the time comes, tell her your history but in a clear, honest and emotion-free way. Don’t share too much, do not hide the important details and do not go too deep. Never lie.

If you will fail in doing so, she will start wondering. Nobody wants an emotionally damaged good.

Also, be careful with the numbers. Never give her a precise number of past relationships. She might not understand correctly why you chose to count them like this. Plus, either if it’s a big or small number, she will think something. Here, you can be evasive. If you dated only a few people, then say it like that. But if you’ve been curious and met a lot of women, you could try and explain her instead, that nobody caught your attention and feelings like she did.

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