Talking online with the woman you like

Talking online with the woman you like


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So, you find yourself extremely fond of a certain woman who perhaps you met online or offline and you don’t know how to talk to her. Questions such as “How often should I send her an email?” or “Should I send her a message now, even if she is offline?” are going to trouble your mind. With women it’s quite tricky, since they are extremely sensitive and can react in unexpected ways at the most common actions of a man.

If you met that special woman online, before you start bombing her with your lovely messages, you should think about some aspects of your interaction with her. For how long have the two of you been chatting? Is she an active partner in your conversations? Have you already met her in person? These are key questions which can tell you how you should behave and communicate with her online.

If you met her recently, talking with her everyday might be too much, even if she is responsive. A woman can answer to your online messages some days in a row, but that doesn’t mean that you should overwhelm her with your attention. Women love mystery so you have to give her a slice of that, too. Of course, if she answers to your messages once a week, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t message her 7 days/week, it’s pointless and needy. Perhaps she has a full-time job and she always answers to your mails when she arrives home from work. In this situation you could message her closer to the end of the work schedule.

Women appreciate attention and you must give it them, but just in the right amount and if you see at least a little bit of reciprocity try to back off a little. Good luck in conquering the woman you like!

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