Text messages a guy should never send

Text messages a guy should never send


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Texts are very common and always will be, that is why you should learn the rules of texting especially when it comes to your loved one. You must learn what to send, but most importantly what you should never text to your woman.

We assume you have already learned the basics of text messages, especially how to use proper grammar, not to send too many emoticons and not to text her too often. The latest is the most important because too many texts can hurt your relationship.

These are some pieces of advice that you must follow when it comes to texting.

1. I love you

You must be able to express your emotions freely and tell your woman how much she means to you, but you shouldn’t say “I love you” too often because it will lose its meaning. If you tell her you love her dozen times per day, these words will become as common as “hello” or “how are you?”

And if they become meaningless by saying them, how do you think they will be when you text them?

“No matter how important a text is, it will never replace the moments you share with a woman”.

2. X-rated pictures of yourself

Most women do not want X-rated pictures of yourself on their phone. I don’t say this to deny women’s sexual nature because, sexually speaking, they are on the same level with men. Women love erotic conversations and naughty messages, but that doesn’t mean that an X-rated photo of yourself will appeal to her.

When taken out of context, genitals are not pleasant to look at. A close-up won’t make it more appealing. You can send suggestive pictures, but naughty messages are for foreplay, not to replace the sexual act, so be careful what kind of photos you send to your woman.

3. Break-up messages

If you are at a point when you want to end your relationship, never do it through a text message. It will only reveal a lot of negative things about you.

If you send her a break-up text, you will only make her feel like you have never cared about her, never respected her and that you don’t even want to bother yourself with the break-up, and most of all, it will make you look like a coward.

When you want to put an end to your relationship, you must do it in person because no matter how important texting is, it will never be able to replace the moments you share together.

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