The Allure of Married Women

The Allure of Married Women


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As men, we are always more inclined to look after women because we can all relate to our primordial instinct of “procreating”. As long as you are a single man, with no obligations towards any woman, it is fine to sleep around with as many women as you want, as long as you state your intentions clearly from the start. However, I believe in commitment and promises, especially in a relationship. Nobody wants to be cheated on and lied to, so why should you be unfair towards you partner? The thing is, sometimes we are attracted to unavailable women and truth is, the chances of a happy ending in an affair with a married woman are slim.

Whether it is a co-worker, an acquaintance or a good friend, the “forbidden fruit” is always tempting, but most of the times married women are only bad news because they are only looking for something they miss at home. Be it attention, sex or an understanding man, these women want a surrogate for something they wish to have at home. Of course, it might sound thrilling to have an affair with this kind of woman, but I assure you, it will not be worth it therefore, it is better to avoid them.

There are many types of married women who would have an affair. First, there are those who married out of convenience (be it money, security or social status) and thus they will not divorce. They are only looking to have some fun with somebody whom they are really drawn towards and nothing else.

Then, there is the bored wife, sick of all the routine of a marriage, but her strategy is different. Her purpose is to have you make the first move and lure her in an affair. This is even worse, because she basically takes no responsibility for what might happen between you, so be the wise man here and refuse to enter the game.

Another type of woman is the young and recently married who does not really have a lot of life experience. She loves her husband and she is as faithful as she can be, but at the same time she is wondering what else is there in the world.  She might be innocent, but after a bottle of wine and a long conversation she might end up naked next to you, so be wise and instead of taking advantage of her you should tell her to focus on her marriage.

The neglected wife is also to be avoided since she seeks love and comfort in another man. Her husband may be treating her bad or cheating on her and basically she is looking for a replacement. The issue is, everything in her life revolves around her husband: her family, her friends and she may even have children, therefore never get involved in such a complicated situation.

These are the four main types of married women. Of course there are others and an affair with any of them results in a special set of circumstances and outcomes. In order to avoid drama and get hurt or hurt them, you should always avoid having an affair with a married woman. You can be very good friends, but you should never take that relationship to the next level.

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