The art of texting

The art of texting


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Some men are more comfortable with flirting mostly by texting with women. This is sometimes an actually a good idea because it does not require so much effort as picking up a woman in a bar.

What are the advantages of texting? Well, first of all, if you know how to write her in a funny and confident way, she might respond exactly how you expected and the way from messages to bedroom might be shorter than some people think. There is no body language she can observe and judge you upon so all you have to focus on are your writing skills. Nevertheless, precisely because of the lack of facial expression, she might understand the messages in a totally different way than you intended it to.

Texting is a great idea, just like online dating is a good starting point for meeting women and developing your conversational skills. It’s the perfect environment to build on your confidence, but you shouldn’t stick just to texting. At some point you should also start picking up women in public or take one of them on a date. You have to prove you are a mature man able to cope with personal interaction and that you are confident enough to struck up a conversation with a woman.

You can send her flirty and at the same time funny messages to see how she responds. If you are confident and funny, most of the time women will have a positive reaction and give you similar replies. However, if you are insistent and behave like your only goal is to get her into your bed as soon as possible, she will definitely notice that and reject you. So choose your words wisely because she cannot see your body language and she might misunderstand what you meant to say.

Even though sometimes texting might be fruitful and can be successful in making a woman interested in you, most of the times a woman will not find a texting-based flirt to be enough and she might move on to the next guy. Therefore, you can always start by flirting via messages, but if you are really interested in a certain woman then you should definitely do more than that. Be confident and step up like a man should do when he wants something.

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