The biggest dating fail

The biggest dating fail


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The other night I was at a local coffee shop when two people came and sat next to me when I noticed the tension between them. They were on an internet date. First of all I should start saying that it was a bad one. The attractiveness was on disparate levels. She was attractive and he wasn’t. I had my headphones on at the time but little did they know that I was listening to a band with no vocalist and I could hear their entire conversation.

I couldn’t help myself and I eavesdropped on their entire conversation. Afterwards I knew exactly what a guy should never ever do or say on a first date with someone met on an online dating site. He started by asking her if she likes music. Seriously? This is like asking someone if they like to eat from time to time. If he would have asked what kind of music does she like it would have been different. Eventually he realized the mistake too and tried to fix it with a poor joke. The lady was confused and before even saying something else, he changed the topic.

“Online dating is weird, right? I do this thing all the time and I still think it’s weird.” Well, his language wasn’t actually this clean. He cursed like a sailor and that really turned her off. Not that she wouldn’t have been turned off before, when she first met him. He looked kind of like Mr. Bean.

He then asked her at what time does she wake up. And don’t be misled. He didn’t ask her this to find out more about her morning routine or her job. He was just a stranger asking another stranger at what time does she wake up in the morning. If that didn’t creep her out, I don’t know what did.

“So do you think you are gonna have babies?”

Given the fact that they were both in their 30’s, it is natural to think about asking this when going on a date, but not in the first 10 minutes of the date and if possible, not at all on a first date.

“So, what do you think? Obama or Romney?”

Again, a big mistake. Never talk politics on a first date. As expected, they had opposing political opinions. She was a Democrat, he was a Republican but she was willing to change the subject and even made a joke about it. He didn’t get it and spent the following 15 minutes trying to convert her. After half an hour I couldn’t take it anymore so I left.

Bottom line guys, please don’t act as this guy did on his first date or on every other date. Be cool, funny and charming. If you tend to get nervous, see her after you have prepared a game plan, but once again, please don’t act like this guy.

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