The charm of Romanian women

The charm of Romanian women


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When you convince yourself that it’s time to try and date Romanian women, never forget about the difference between a downtown girl and a small town one. In Romania, as well as in any other European country, the difference between these two types of girl is pretty noticeable. This means that Romanian women who were raised in big towns such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Timisoara are more likely to be very well-educated and sophisticated while the other girls, who live in smaller cities or villages, had fewer opportunities to get a proper education. Also, women from the biggest Romanian cities have a more knowledge about European culture and so, they are not so different in style and thinking from other European women.

In Romania there are many cities with an active nightlife and cultural events. There are some excellent locations for going on a date with a woman, be it a café, restaurant, pub, restaurants, cinema, etc. If you want to go to Bucharest, the capital city, you will find it pretty easy to reach since the city has modern infrastructure of railway, air, water and motor transport.

However, Romania is a small country but not all its territories are still populated by original Romanian peasants who live their life like grandparents used to. Therefore if you look for a culturally and educationally developed woman the best is to look for downtown girls who have access to European levels of education and knowledge.

Moreover, in the modern parts of Romania, there is internet access everywhere therefore meeting online a Romanian woman is extremely easy. Also, educated Romanian women know at least two foreign languages, so communicating with them is quite easy. 

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