The fear of rejection

The fear of rejection


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In this world there are many gorgeous women who look like they just came out of our Dream Factory. Of course, every woman might be on a different level of beauty for every man; you know that each man has a different vision in what concerns ‘The perfect woman’. However, there are those generally hot for beauty queens who take our breath away, cut our legs from the knees and practically turn us into insta-wussies when we are in front of them.

As a man, you tend to feel inferior and completely disarmed when you get so attracted to one of these demi-goddesses. We are often anxious and nervous when we want to meet a certain woman who we see getting everyday in the same train that we take. What makes a man step back and fantasize of getting to know a woman? Well, men are taught since they were little to succeed in every task. Each action is a sort of battle which we have to win. We are a sort of warriors on different levels and our aim is to win, therefore, when we have to face a drop-dead gorgeous woman, we find ourselves in a gigantic war. We receive this challenge of striking up a conversation with a ‘10’ but we immediately calculate our winning chances and we often back off. For most men, it seems better to resume themselves to the average looking women because they have bigger chances to get their number. Small successes like these are great, but does it hurt so bad to try? If you see a great looking woman and you get there to ask her number or just start a conversation and she rejects you, it’s not like next day you are going to end up on the covers of all newspapers as a total loser.

Just because you are afraid that she will reject your initiative of getting to know her, you might lose the chance of your life to get lucky (at least) with a woman who everybody craves for. It might help you get more courage if you stop seeing her as a ‘perfect 10’ and just think that another man might give her only a 7 or 8 out of 10. Making her more human will help you face her easier.

If she looks like out of a magazine cover it doesn’t mean that you have to land your helicopter at her feet, get out dressed in Armani and hand her a bouquet of golden roses. You’re not supposed to make an impressive entering scene just to tell her “Hi, you’re beautiful! Can I have your autograph and number?”

Surprisingly, women get more interested in simple and direct men than in any other artificial manoeuvers of catching their attention. However, you have to be creative, self-confident and funny. If you have these qualities (or you can fake it till you make it), no matter how beautiful and untouchable she seems, she will smile at you if she’s interested.

As in life, never miss a chance to try. Approach as many women as you can, get good at it and perfect your style; you never know when you hit gold.

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